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Polo Argentino. The awards of the Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Association

27 Dic


The Argentine Polo Pony Breeders Association presented the awards to the Best Polo Argentino Bred throughout the 120th. Argentine Polo Open Championship, as usual during the world’s most important competition.

The best Polo Argentino Bred at Palermo is chosen by a jury, and awarded at the end of each game during the whole competition.

This is the complete list of the horses honored in the last Argentine Open:

Open Farándula, Facundo Pieres
Aguada Anónima, Miguel Novillo Astrada.
Anay Sur Pixie, Juan Martin Nero
Chalo Bebota, Lolo Castagnola
Chapa Tricota, Bautista Heguy
Aguada Anónima, Miguel Novillo Astrada.
Chalo Explosiva Bartolome Castagnola
Abrojito Vedette, Juan Martin Nero
Arroba Digital, Nacho Novillo Astrada
Fax Mareada, Hilario Ulloa
Gete Argos, Magoo Laprida
Dolfina Toro, Bartolome Castagnola
Open Emocionada, Pablo Mac Donough

Source: http://www.pololine.com

More about polo: www.argentinapoloday.com.ar

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