Chapaleufu score win

4 Sep

For all the news from international Polo, the blog of Argentina Polo Day we reported the latest news about the sport. 


Chapaleufu beat La Natividad 15-8, in the first high goal game of the San Jorge Open, that took place on ground 1, at Palermo, on a day that saw the debut of the new rules proposed by the Argentine Polo Association that will be tested throughout this competition.

As told before, there are three changes that are being tested: field goals will count as two goals; a goal scored from a penalty will count as one; four players (two per team) will be allowed at throw-ins; the other four will stand 10 yards away from the throw-in, without taking part in the throw-in; and circling to hit a penalty will be restricted to 50yds to avoid time wasting.

Score Chapaleufú: 2-2, 8-2, 11-10, 14-13, 19-16, 25-18.

The finals of the San Jorge Open, which is played for medium goal and high goal, are due on Saturday September 6:

11.30am – Copa Héroes de Malvinas

Financomp vs. Santa Paula

1pm – Copa Reyes Carrere

La Guapa vs. Las Porras

3pm – Copa Duque de Edimburgo

Chapaleufu vs. La Natividad



More information about Polo:

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