Zacara continues the march to the British Open final

3 Jul

For all the news from international Polo, the blog of Argentina Polo Day we reported the latest news about the sport.

lyndonlea zacara


For the second time in the tournament, Zacara (Facundo Pieres, Lyndon Lea, Gonzalo Deltour and Matt Perry) got off to a slow start when they played Halcyon Gallery (George Hanbury, Mark Tomlinson, James Beim and James Harper
Two unanswered goals in the third gave the defending championship Zacara team a 4-2 halftime lead.
Halcyon Gallery tried to climb back into the game in the fourth chukker, scoring twice, but three goals from Zacara kept them in front, 7-4.
Zacara started feeling the rhythm in the fifth as they added three more goals to their total for a 10-5 advantage. Halcyon Gallery managed a single goal but trailed by five with one chukker left to play.
Halcyon scored the only goal of the final chukker as the Zacara horsepower won out. When the final horn sounded it was Zacara with the 10-6 win and a perfect 3-0 record. Halcyon Gallery fell to 1-1 as their chances of making it into a playoff position dimmed.
British Open play continues on Thursday with Thai Polo (Harald Link, Juan Ambroggio, Nic Roldan and Tomas Garcia del Rio) facing EFG Bank Aravali (Jaime Garcia Huidobro, Alejandro Muzzio, Joaquin Pittaluga and Celine Charloux).
Thai Polo is playing for pride alone as they will ride onto the field with a disappointing 0-3 record. EFG Bank Aravali hasn’t fared much better at 0-2.



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