La Dolfina returns to 40 goals in Argentine handicap changes

18 Dic
la dolfina

La Dolfina celebrates winning the Argentine Triple Crown this year. Courtesy of Royal Salute

Pelon Stirling returns to ten goals, while Mariano Aguerre drops to nine.

THE ARGENTINE POLO ASSOCIATION has announced its end-of-season handicap changes.

La Dolfina’s David “Pelon” Stirling has been raised to ten goals, having dropped from ten to nine in last year’s end-of-season changes. Miguel Novillo Astrada has also gone up to ten goals, following a successful season playing for La Aguada, giving Argentina seven 10-goal players in total.

Ellerstina’s Mariano Aguerre has been lowered from ten to nine goals, following the team’s disappointing result in the Argentine Open.

This means that La Dolfina will once again field a 40-goal team in the 2014 Argentine season, while Ellerstina’s handicap drops to 38, if the line-up remains unchanged next year.

Alegria’s Fred Mannix and Polito Pieres have both been raised from eight to nine goals, giving the team a 36-goal line-up in 2014, if no changes are made.

Young British player Tommy Beresford has also had his handicap raised in Argentine moving from one to two.


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